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Balloon Catheter
eXtra™ Balloon Catheter

CE approved

The eXtra™ Balloon Catheter is the only device merging an angioplasty balloon, a protection device, and an aspiration device into one. It protects against distal embolization during PTA and extracts debris with every application thus improving the safety of peripheral interventions.
The eXtra™ Balloon Catheter performs and behaves as a standard PTA balloon catheter and can be used for all applications (pre/post dilatation, in-stent restenosis, post athrectomy, CTO).

Key Features:

> 0.035" guide wire compatible
> 8 atm nominal pressure, 12 atm RBP
> very low entry profile for superior lesion crossing
> reliable particle capture of clinically relevant
   particle sizes and quantities
> manufactured by Angioslide Ltd.    Scheinert, Tepe, Zeller: MC-LEADER Trial
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