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CoCr Stent
Coronnium® Cobalt Chromium Stent

CE approved

With one of the lowest strut thicknesses and crossing profiles in the market, the Coronnium® Cobalt Chromium Stent belongs to the most competitive Bare Metal Stents worldwide.

While offering superb deliverability the ultra-thin struts promise lower restenosis rates as compared to thicker-struts stents (first shown in ISAR STEREO trials).

Key Features*:

> L605 cobalt chromium alloy
> ultra-thin struts: 60 µm
> low crossing profile: 0.035" for 3.0 mm
> minimal vessel injury due to smooth,
   rounded edge electro-polishing
> excellent visibility
   *Lemos et al.: PAINT Trial
> manufactured by Sahajanand Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Inert Coronary Stent
Bionert® Inert Coronary Stent

CE approved

The oxygen ion bombarded Bionert® Stent is probably the most biocompatible stainless steel stent worldwide. The oxygen treatment of the stent surface immobilizes heavy metal ions that other stents release (Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum). This encapsulation significantly reduces the biological response of the vessel wall and thus improves clinical outcomes*.

Key Features:

> MACE 4.6 %, TLR 3.3 % @ 6M
> binary restenosis 10.8 % @ 6M
> late lumen loss 0.82 mm @ 6M
   *Garcia et al.: BIOSAS Study
> manufactured by Iberhospitex - Cordynamic
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