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Thrombuster II
Extraction Catheter
Thrombuster II Extraction Catheter

CE approved

The Thrombuster II Extraction Catheter is considered "Best in Class" for its high aspiration capacity and excellent deliverability. The hydrophilic coating ensures smooth insertion into the vessels.

Key Features:

> low flow resistance due to large and
   circular aspiration lumen
> added kink resistance
> 6F and 7F guiding catheter compatible
> manufactured by Kaneka Medix Corporation

Extraction Catheter
Hunter® Extraction Catheter

CE approved

The Hunter® Extraction Catheter features the highest extraction capacity in the market while maintaining excellent deliverability. The combination of flexibility, pushability, and high kinking resistance make the Hunter a valuable tool for thrombus extraction.

Key Features:

> extraction area (aspiration lumen) 0.947 mm²
> entry profile 0.017"
> 6F compatible
> hydrophilic coating
> manufactured by Iberhospitex - Cordynamic

Crusade CTO
& Bifurcation
Crusade CTO &
Bifurcation Catheter

CE approved

The Crusade Catheter is one of the most widely used recrossing devices in Japan. In two separate lumen it facilitates guidewire maneuvering for bifurcation stenting and CTO treatment.
It helps saving valuable "time to reperfusion" in complex AMI settings.

Key Features:

> max. guidewire diameter: 0.014"
> effective length: 140 cm
> manufactured by Kaneka Medix Corporation

Perfusion Catheter
AMIcath® Perfusion Catheter

CE approved

The AMIcath® Perfusion Catheter allows the passage and recanalization of thrombotic lesions using the Dotter effect (increasing balloon profile) instead of balloon pre-dilatation. This approach reduces thrombus fragmentation and distal embolization.
After successful lesion passage the AMIcath's distal holes allow for injection of contrast dye for assessment or injection of lytic drugs (e.g. Abciximab, Adenosine, Nitroprussiate, Verapamil).

Data of a 100 patient registry*:

> occlusion crossed in 91%
> TIMI 2-3 flow obtained in 80% of patients
> reduced risk of embolization (4%, compared to
   15% in balloon pre-dilatation series)
> AMIcath changed the strategy of primary PCI
   in 74% of participating physicians
> manufactured by Iberhospitex - Cordynamic   * Data on file.
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